A bit about us


We are sisters living in London with a passion for cooking. Like
so many 28year olds we are health conscious but given the cost of living, and with busy jobs (Ceara leaves at 5.30am every morning! Ouch!), we don’t necessarily have the funds or the time to dedicate to hours of cooking a day. This blog is designed to prove that you can eat incredibly healthily, on a budget, without being tied to the kitchen.


There are a few key principles which we cook by..

  • Don’t waste your money on those so called ‘superfoods’; chia seeds, goji berries etc have had lot of press recently, however they are also very expensive, with very little scientific evidence to support their health claims… a good ol’ courgette, carrot, cabbage is good enough!
  • Your freezer is your friend, or as my other half calls it, the ‘time machine’! Anything on its death bed gets frozen… usually bananas, spinach, old salad leaves, cooked rice, amongst others
  • You don’t need to eat meat with every meal, and if you do, you certainly don’t need a huge portion. For us, animal welfare is important, so we tend to eat less meat, and then buy free range when we do.
  • Sunday = meal prep
  • Be flexible with your meals, if you have something lurking in the fridge which needs eating, eat it. Simple! Examples include old bags of salad in stews, left over hummus in soups etc
  • Ignore all best before dates! Your nose and eyes are far more capable of telling you when something has gone off.
  • Don’t buy anything pre-prepared, you pay a considerable premium for the luxury of not having to chop or peel something, and it isn’t worth it
  • During the week, one pot meals are cooking heaven
  • When trying to eat cheaply but tastily, having a good selection of spices are essential- they can transform the simplest of ingredients into something delicious

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