All the G’s..Griddled Pork with Griddled Greens


Can you tell there is a bit of a theme emerging at the moment.. my griddle plan. Currently my favourite kitchen tool. I think its because there is something very summery about griddled veg, and with London’s weather currently reaching the 30’s, a summery dinner is definitely what the doctor ordered!

The other great thing about this dish is that it took less than 15 minutes, and no, that isnt Jamie Oliver’s version of a 15 minute meal, this one really does take less than 15 mins!

Serves 2

Cost per person £1.17


2x Pork chop, one each, which is pretty generous on the meat front for me

What ever green veg you have, for me this included 1 courgette, baby gem lettuce (and no we still havent eaten them all yet!), 2 spring onions, handful of garden peas

Sprig of thyme

1/2 lemon

2 tbsp creme fraiche

clove of garlic

pinch of salt and pepper


Whilst you wash and chop your veggies (I like to keep them fairly chunky), get your frying pan on a medium to high heat to warm up.

Once the pan is hot, place your pork in, no need to add any extra fat to the pan as the pork has enough itself. Fry on both sides for about 2 mins then remove and place on a plate.

Keeping the pan nice and hot, start to add in your biggest veg  allowing it to caramelise- for me that meant adding the courgette in first, then the lettuce, spring onion, and last was the frozen peas. Once all the veg is in, and again, still keeping the pan hot, add in a clove of garlic and the thyme, keeping them all moving in the pan so not to burn. Once all the veg is cooked, turn the heat down and add back in the pork, pouring on top any meat juices on the plate. Finally add in the creme fraiche and lemon juice, mix through.. and plate! Yum!




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